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Fan­cy an actual chat?

Like humans. Not likes.

When we look around, we see a lot of gaming the system. Personal branding has only been about briefly, yet it’s already getting a lousy name.

On one side, you’ve got agencies churning out the same old spiel, focusing heavily on vanity metrics such as likes and views to justify their fees. Go with those: you’ll look and sound exactly like everybody else.

On the other hand, some agencies guarantee leads. Still, even if they deliver, the leads are unqualified, not aligned with your needs, or not worth your investment in time, money, and effort. Go with those: you’ll work with the wrong people and could miss achieving your objectives.

The per­son­al branding model.

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Hopes and prayers?


We acknowledge that quality communications on social media are essential in a world governed by algorithms. We also know that developing business relationships is the point of working with agencies in the first place.

Yet, we believe one doesn’t automatically lead to the other. You need an additional step, the part that many in our online world seem to have forgotten: authentic human connection.

The social agency model.

Quality conversions

Authentic human connection

Highly-engaged prospects

Add authentic human connection, which acts as a catalyst, converting metrics into sustainable, highly-engaged relationships with prospects. That’s where social agencies step in.

Welcome to Voir: the first social agency.

Meet our humans.

We're a small, but focused, and ambitious team. We're experts in marketing, communications, relationship-building, content creation, and profile analytics.

So, you might be wondering how we can do all this with such a small footprint? Firstly, we hire the best people. Our collective experience ensures we can get down to work quickly, and maximise results without the need for a sprawling 20 person agency.

More importantly though, we're a top group of humans that has been in this game for the best part of a decade.

Scott Millward profile photo

Scott Millward.

Founder/Chief Consultant

Scott is the founder and lead strategist at Voir. With over 10 years of experience in creative marketing, he has delivered excellent ROI across various industries. Scott has headed up marketing for a leading recruitment RPO business, founded and successfully run his own fast fashion business before eventually exiting, and currently, with Voir, he drives results for both the business and its clients.

Scott founded Voir Agency with a desire to help more people apply the principles of relationship-building alongside digital marketing, a formula that has helped him throughout his career.

Brendan Platt profile photo

Bren­dan Platt.

Content Lead

Brendan is in charge of all things content at Voir, where he has generated millions of views, but more importantly, hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for our clients through his creative content on LinkedIn during his 18 months with us.

He is a self-taught digital marketer who learned how to build an audience and successfully sell to them online while running an e-commerce fashion brand for five years.

Despite being one of LinkedIn's best content creators, Brendan is relatively unknown, so he needs to work on promoting his own profile as well as those of his clients.

Coming soon

Meet our technology.

We believe that delivering excellent results comes from a blend of human expertise and technological support. That's why we've invested in proprietary technology that supports our team, allowing us to deliver for you quicker, with greater quality, and more consistently.

It means we can retain a smaller, more nimble team, that's focused on your priorities.

Our technology currently supports us internally, and we'll be rolling it out for use by our clients over the coming months. Look out for further announcements coming soon.

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